Indian veteran creates solar-powered bicycle from dirt cheap components

solar powered bicycle by Samuel Jones

Samuel Jones, a 61-year old electronic engineer from Kozhikode has made a solar-powered bicycle that starts like any other electric scooter and is good enough to take a ride in the city without pedaling. Made from an Ampere bicycle purchased for around Rs 22,000 (approximately US $368.63), Samuel fitted it with solar panels that can produce around 60 Watt electricity. This energy is enough to propel the bicycle for 6km distance, after which you’ll have to wait till the sun charges the battery again.

It took Mr. Jones almost a year to put together the electronic components into the bicycle and turn it into a hybrid bicycle using solar panels that cost him just Rs 1000 (US $17). The solar panels are fitted at the front and back section of the bicycle and don’t spoil the look of the bike on the whole.

To control the speed of this bicycle accelerator control is added on the handlebar like you would have on a motorbike. There is just one short-coming of this bicycle that it is very difficult to pedal it since the electronic components for solar powered functionality have taken space.

Samuel Jones has not contacted any manufacturer to make this design commercial but rather he roams on the roads with this bicycle to amaze on-lookers and he believes one day someone will surely come up to him with plans to better the current design.

Via: TheHindu



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