Urine powered automobiles could shape the near future

Urine powered car

If you though urine powered robot or the urine powered smartphone is the next pinnacle of technology, then let me tell you that urine powered automobiles could beat them all in terms of use of technology for exponential benefits. Using urine as an automobile fuel has a lot of advantages as it would saves millions of dollars and also keep the planet safe from any harmful emissions. That is why scientists from Korea University are looking to use the carbon atoms from urine to produce electricity which would then run the EV’s and other hybrid vehicles. Not only this but the electricity produced could power up you home and other electronic gadgets in commercial places too.

To achieve this scientists are planning to replace expensive platinum material in fuel cell vehicles to make this technology dirt cheap. The carbon found in natural human waste would then be used to produce electricity by converting chemical energy into electricity courtesy the reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.

This study is led by Jong-Sung Yu from Korea University who believes that we should treat urine as a commodity rather than waste product since it could very well power the future of the world we live in. Clearly this technology could become huge in the coming years and we would then value urine as the most prized possession we ever had.

Via: IBNLive



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