Flexible and durable 3D printed shoes that cost just $49

3D printed shoe by Michel Angelo

3D printing is going to be the future of manufacturing technology for sure and it has taken aback the world in a big way. Everything is getting 3D printed these days, right from duffel bag to 3D printed skull to save someone’s life. And now we have a 3D printed Leopard Shoes by Michel Angelo that are flexible and long-lasting for daily use, pretty much comparable to the comfort level provided by crocks.

The flexibility of this 3D printed shoe is courtesy an all new flexible filament called NinjaFlex. The only part of this shoe that are not 3D printed are the laces and straps which are fitted onto the shoe after getting printed. This unique shoe comes in size 39 and other sizes are available on demand.

What’s interesting is that this shoe weighs just 200 grams and you can print it yourself too. On the other hand if you don’t have a 3D printer you can buy it right now for just $49.

3D printed shoe by Michel Angelo

Source: MyMiniFactory



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