It’s not a table fan, it’s a paper speaker!

Phonon Camome paper speaker

This looks like some decoration for your home or a slim fan, but it actually is a speaker. As amazed as you would be by its look, be prepared to be taken aback by this speaker’s sound quality. Phonon Kamome is a feather-shaped speaker made from paper and weighs just 129 grams in total. It uses micro vibration technology between light papers to produce sound The uniquely shaped speaker unit is attached to an amplifier which has an output for connection with mobile devices or other devices.

These gull-winged paper speakers can be painted in any color you want, just like you would paint any ordinary paper. Although the speakers don’t have a good bass production but still they have clear sound fit for any contemporary home setting.

Phonon Kamome Paper Speaker is perfect for modern home setting

Phonon Kamome Paper Speaker is perfect for modern home setting



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