Thought controlled robotic suit introduced by Cyberdyne

Cyberdyne though controlled exoskeleton suit

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Cyberdyne, a Japanese robot making company has made a thought controlled robotic suit that it released yesterday. This robotic exoskeleton suit is in-line with their existing expertise of making robotic limbs, joints, exoskeleton suits and cleaning robots. The current version is however one step ahead of all its other robotic products. A mind controlled suit that detects the user’s brainwave signals running through the skin, and then translates them into the right kind of movement like lifting objects or moving forward.

Cyberdyne though controlled exoskeleton suit

According to Cyberdyne founder Yoshiyuki Sankai, they are allying with Kawasaki to explore ways in which the robotic applications can be used in his robotic suits that are normally used for just physical therapy.

Adding to this Yoshiyuki said that the main aim of their project is to make robotic suits and other robotic parts for the body that don’t look bulky or uneasy to use. Rather, such robotic parts that make the user feel comfortable while wearing and for others to believe that it actually works smoothly.

Cyberdyne though controlled exoskeleton suit



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