Nokia’s wireless charging trousers can charge smartphone in the pocket


Wearable technology is definitely the next big thing. However, the phrase is largely associated with the likes of Google Glass, smartwatches and fitness trackers. Now, taking the concept of wearable technology to its logical conclusion, Nokia (Microsoft Mobile) has launched the world’s first pair of trousers which can charge a smartphone as the wearer walks. Designed to charge Nokia Lumia smartphones, the wireless charging trousers packs a 2,400mAh battery along with a Nokia DC-50 wireless charging plate woven into the front pocket of the trouser.

Nokia wireless charging trousers

The DC-50 charging plate takes advantage of inductive charging to juice up your Lumia phone when you’re on the move. Created by British designer Adrien Sauvage in collaboration with Nokia for London Collections: ‘Modern Man’, the pair of chinos is sewed with wireless charging plate in one of the front pockets that begins to charge the smartphone moment it is placed in the pocket. The designer has managed to address the issue of trouser overheating, but how it is to be washed is still unclear.

If you are not fussy, and want to wear a charger in your pants (I’m sure makers have taken care of wearer safety) then pre-order a pair of wireless charging trousers online from Amazon beginning at £200 (approx. $350).

Nokia wireless charging trousers

Via: Nokia/BGR



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