Chicago’s smart Lamp Post keeps check on surveillance and pollution levels

Chicago Smart Lamp Posts

Popular cities have always drawn attention of masses to reside there for better lifestyle, but more people in a city means a lot of hustle and bustle, and also increased pollution. To keep that in control, Chicago is about to fix smart lamp posts attached with data collection sensors all over the streets of this city. This step will make Chicago one step closer to Watch Dogs, a real life hacking concept in a virtual world. But, the lamp posts will surely exist in the real world and will be able to keep track on pollution as well as population.

Chicago Smart Lamp Posts

The sensor boxes look like a sculpture crafted over pillars of the lamps which acts as a fitness tracker of the city. These lamps will collect data of people by counting the number of cell phones passing a post, thus, keeping surveillance on track. But, don’t worry about your privacy as your personal data will not be collected or pictured, your information as anonymous person will be collected just to get general idea about the movement of people. In addition, the sensors will also measure light intensity, air quality, noise, heat, precipitation and wind in the environment to find out the amount of pollutants creating pollution and noise levels to figure out noise pollution.

Chicago Smart Lamp Posts

The collected data will be beneficial for the government to keep pollution in control, as well as keeping check on surveillance in the city. The surveillance check will also help to find out any unwanted activities in the city that can be controlled easily on basis of the data. This smart lamp post technology comes with a futuristic approach to help the official government authorities in future planning of the city for healthier, safer and cleaner urban environment.

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