Arcus Motion Analyzer ring is everything you need in a wearable gadget

Arcus Motion Analyzer wearable ring

Wearable technology is here to stay and it never seizes to capture a geek’s imagination. This time it a wearable ring called Arcus that takes motion sensing and gesture recognition to a whole new level. It can be an activity tracking device, sports skill enhancing gadget, motion sensor for gaming, gesture recognizing device and much more. Up on Kickstarter for funding, Arcus wearable ring is one of its kind wearable device that has features of at-least 2-3 separate wearable gadgets that we have seen so far.

Arcus motion analyzer is designed using the same technology that is used in precise navigation within 3D space and can be charged easily with wireless charging technology. Once you have placed Arcus in the charging enclosure then it automatically calibrates by adapting to the magnetic conditions of your location, thereby giving you the most accurate motion sensing accuracy. On top of that Arcus is waterproof so you can take it anywhere you want to without the worry of it getting wet and not functioning after that.

Activity tracking: Arcus helps you in keeping a check on exercise schedules, analyzing swing statistics for sports like golf or tennis.

Gesture control: Gesture tracking for Bluetooth Ready devices like thermostats, mood lighting or sound systems

Arcus wearable ring supports multi-finger gestures by wearing multiple rings in the fingers. For example during a FPS game aiming can be done with the forefinger and to pull the trigger middle finger can be used. Other than that Arcus supports two hand tracking for applications like kayaking or aerobatics.



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