Turn Android smartphone into a dirt cheap virtual reality headset made from cardboard

Google cardboard virtual reality headset for Android smartphones

Are virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift or Sony’s virtual reality headset too expensive for you? Then probably you are looking out for some cheap way to enjoy 3D virtual reality content. Google probably knows what’s going in your mind, that is why they showed their take on cheap virtual reality headset at their I/O developer’s conference. Well, it is not exactly a headset but a tad better in my view. Google Cardboard project is a fun and expensive way to experience augmented reality as it turns your Android smartphone into a virtual reality headset enclosed inside a DIY cardboard.

Google shows how to make this VR viewer in a jiffy from a corrugated cardboard sheet that has to be cut in certain specific way to construct the goggles. All you need is biconvex lenses having 40mm focal distance, one neodymium ring magnet, ceramic disk magnet, Velcro, rubber band and NFC tag (optional). Google has even provided the cardboard design files so that you can download it and make the most accurately constructed VR headset in just a matter of minutes.

Google cardboard virtual reality headset for Android smartphones

To make the virtual reality headset work, you have to download the Cardboard app from Google Play Store. Thereafter you will be all ready to explore the augmented reality environment for various applications like Google Earth or 3D viewers.

Via: Gizmodo



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