Earin – World’s smallest wireless earbuds for tangle free music frenzy

Earin wireless earbuds

As a music buff, one thing that bugs me about the great sounding earbuds is their irritating tendency for the wires to get tangled every time I put them in my pocket. Not only that, in a crowded place wearing wired earbuds can be a real hassle. Such times call for wireless earbuds that are comfortable to wear and configure. Earin has been thinking on the same lines that is why they have launched their namesake earbuds on Kickstarter and it comes as no surprise that they have surpassed the funding goal well before the completion date.

Earin wireless earbuds

Deemed as the world’s lightest wireless earbuds, these Bluetooth connected music devices weigh just 5 grams and create a noise-isolating fit for disturbance free music enjoyment. Earin earbuds have 50 mAh of rechargeable battery that lasts for around three hours and they can be recharged via the storage capsule that has 100 mAh battery.

Earin wireless earbuds

The designers have kept in mind that these earbuds are going to be used in various kinds of environment and situations like jogging, workout or running, therefore they have made a Concha lock from silicon that nestles the inner ear for secure fit.

Early pledgers will get these wireless earbuds and the wireless charging capsules for US$168 and now that it looks set for production, we can expect them to be out for purchase by early 2015.

Via: Gizmag/OhGizmo



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