Project Guitar Hero: Knitted gloves that play guitar notes based on finger gestures

Project Guitar Hero knitted conductive yarn by Yen Chen Chang

Wearable technology is spanning new avenues with researchers and innovative young minds at work. Another example of wearables taking textile and gesture technology to the next pinnacle is the Project analogRead (Knitted Sensors) by Yen Chen Chang from the Royal College of Art. In one of his experiments, Project Guitar Hero, he has made knitted gloves that control the music being played by altering the finger movements, just like you would hit the guitar strings or stroke a keyboard to produce different kind of melodies. Basically your finger gestures are converted into signals to play varying musical notes similar to playing a real guitar or keyboard.

Project Guitar Hero knitted conductive yarn by Yen Chen Chang

To achieve this feat, Yen used conductive yarn that is made from 80 percent polyester and 20 percent stainless steel material. To detect the minute alterations in signals, and then translate them into the desired musical notes an Arduino controller is used.

Yen has been working on many other applications of this conductive yarn for example he has made a huge ball of yarn which when squeezed triggers a juicer machine to squeeze out juice from the orange. The more you squeeze, the more juice you get from your fruit. Another example is the dangling rope made from the conductive material which turns on or off the light of the room.

According to yen his next target is to make an air guitar that senses hand gestures using the knitted gloves, and then transfers the signal into different notes for some melodious music.

Via: Wired



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