Fire powered Bluetooth speaker gives new meaning to candle light dinner

Fire powered Pelty bluetooth speaker

Of all the Bluetooth speakers that we have seen so far, some have been classy and some simply designed to deliver superb audio quality. So it comes as no surprise that we have come across a Bluetooth speaker that not only sounds good, but also doesn’t rely on electrical sources to power it up when the juice is finished. Yes, a Bluetooth speaker that is powered by fire and needs no other power source to keep running. Pelty is a Bluetooth speaker powered by fire which means that it can run on the heat source of a candle and play as long as the candle lasts!

Designed by Gianluca Gamba, Pelty Bluetooth speaker converts thermal energy into electrical energy based on the Thermo Electric Generator which has two metals that produce difference in heat which further produces electric current. The speaker is made from ceramic material which enhances the sound quality delivered by the hardware that is pretty good when compared to other similar speakers in the market. Pelty Bluetooth speaker is perfect for any kind of environment like in home or restaurant when you want to enjoy a good meal with special someone. Perhaps this is a modern take on how to enjoy a candlelight dinner!

The speaker is right now in its prototype stage and up on Indiegogo platform for funding so that it can reach the end-users. The fact that it can run for as long as your pack of candles last, Pelty can be a good option for trekkers and adventure seekers too who like to listen to their music no matter where they are.

If you pledge USD $229 for this project, then you could very well be getting it for a discount of 35% and for people who buy it once it is in the market the price could be around $400.

Fire powered Pelty bluetooth speaker

Fire powered Pelty bluetooth speaker

Fire powered Pelty bluetooth speaker

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