Happiness Blanket monitors in-flight experience of passengers

Happiness Blanket by British Airways

British Airways has been testing the latest Happiness Blanket on passengers to figure out their in-flight comfort level. This particular piece of material is installed with woven fiber optics and neurosensors to measure the user’s brainwaves. It comes with a headband made by MyndPlay that sends brain signals to the blanket over Bluetooth and instructs it to change color accordingly.

Happiness Blanket

Fiber optics embedded in the blanket turn blue when the user is relaxed and red if the user is stressed, giving flight attendants a visual clue about passenger’s comfort. BA believes that they would be able to improve their services and flight experience of passengers with the help of this technology.

The firm has already tested the blanket on flights between London and New York. They observed that passengers feel anxious while taking off and landing of the plane, but when served with good food, drinks and a better entertainment source passengers feel much more relaxed and happy. So far, this test has been conducted only on first-class flyers and results were quite obvious. However, BA’s plans to improve flight experience of passengers travelling in economic class, where people often bump into each other and are most likely to spill their meals on this expensive Happiness Blanket, remain to be seen.

Happiness Blanket

Happiness Blanket

Happiness Blanket

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