Tetris T-shirt brings the addictive arcade game to your body canvas

Tetris Tshirt by Marc Kerger

Tetris was perhaps the most addictive game of the 80s and 90s era that captured the imagination of young, as well as old gamers. After the original version was made, there were many different variants of this game on different platforms. Still after two decades, Tetris has not escaped the minds of people and DIYers who want to incorporate its gaming interface in many different ways. One such perfect example of Tetris taking to the wearables is the Tetris T-shirt designed by Marc Kerger from Luxembourg, to celebrate 30 years of the Tetris legacy.

To make this interactive t-shirt which displays a grid of Tetris layout and the game itself, Marc used Arduino microcontroller and 128 LED lights. To make the housing of all the electronic components required like the Adafruit Matrix controllers and AA batteries, Marc took help of 3D printing. The design of this cool wearable technology for arcade gaming is inspired by the Pumpktris, The Tetris Pumpkin.

As you can see in the video, Marc plays a game of Tetris just like you would play on any handheld device and then in the end the score is displayed. But my only quandary is that how a person wearing this t-shirt would cope with the difficult levels of the game. Perhaps, it would be more practical if someone else plays the game while some other person is wearing the t-shirt.

Marc has not yet posted any details of the project, nor any instructions on how to make this yourself, but we can expect the details to be available if more people find interest in this intuitive project.

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