Koolernaut cools down your beer and displays current temperature

Koolernaut beer cooler

Do you like your beer chilled and just at the right kind of temperature to enjoy? But when you drink it, either it is too chilled or not cold enough to enjoy taste of the malt? Then you need to get yourself a Koolernaut. This casing for your beer not only keeps it chilling cold but also shows the current temperature on the digital display. So if your beer is not cold enough you can wait for the ice puck filled with freezable non-toxic gel to cool it down.

On the back side of this contraption for your beer, there are the temperature indications which show how your particular beer can be enjoyed by cooling it down to a specific temperature. For example if you got yourself Strong Les beer, then it is going to be best enjoyed at 55-60 degree Fahrenheit. Or if you opted for Wheat & Pale Lager, then you’ll have to cool it down to a temperature of 45-50 degrees.

Koolernaut is up on Kickstarter platform for funding and has achieved its funding goal which means that you can buy it once the production version is out. Those who pledge for the product on Kickstarter will get it for $15 but for those who purchase it later will have to slash out a few dollars more. Koolernaut is all set to make it past the prototype stage into the retail outlets in September 2014.

Source: Kickstarter



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