Motus Motion Sleeve prevents ball pitcher injuries in baseball

Motus Pitcher sleeve for baseball pitchers

Motus Pitcher sleeve with embedded pint-sized sensors

Baseball is surely a fun game for fans and strikers, but is it that much fun for pitchers who have to pitch the ball? As a baseball fan you might love the fiery delivery from the pitcher, but every time they throw the ball, they are increasing the changes of inducing pitch-related injuries that require Tommy John surgery. To get over this a Florida-based company has come to the forte with an ingenious solution called Motus Pitcher Sleeve which is in its prototype stage. This wearable gadget has accelerometer and gyroscope sensors that track the elbow and arm movement while pitching, and most importantly keeps a track of the forces acting on ulnar collateral ligament.

Motus Motion Sleeve is not only limited to motion capture capabilities, but it also tracks the player’s arm fatigue. This way coaches and players can keep an eye on the condition of the elbow and arm to preempt any injuries and prevent them before they become a huge problem. The wearable device is comfortable for the pitchers to wear and in no way obstructs their ball pitching quality. Moreover, the compression sleeve connects with Bluetooth compatible mobile devices and gives real-time analysis of the pitcher’s data via an app.

Motus Pitcher sleeve for baseball pitchers

The sleeve is currently being tested with pitchers at various levels including pitchers from MLB teams like the Baltimore Orioles and Pittsburgh Pirates. According to Joe Nolan, the creator of Motus Motion Sleeve, this wearable device for baseball pitchers could be ready by sometime next year and carry a price tag of USD $150.

Motus Pitcher sleeve for baseball pitchers

Motus Pitcher sleeve for baseball pitchers

Motus Pitcher sleeve for baseball pitchers

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