15 year old child prodigy files patent for world’s fastest 3D printer

Worlds fastest 3D printer byThomas Suarez

The future of 3D printing industry could lie on the shoulders of a child prodigy? Yes, it is true, as 15 year old Thomas Suarez has a mindset to revolutionize 3D printing industry with his 3D printer claimed to be ten times more reliable that the current breed of 3D printing equipment. This Steve Jobs inspired genius kid has developed a handful of apps like Bustin Jieber and Earth Fortune in the past, and now looks to take 3D printing industry by the scruff of the neck.

Worlds fastest 3D printer byThomas Suarez

Thomas Suarez has a plethora of inventions to boast-off

Less time means more manufacturing and time saving when it comes to humongous industries that rely on faster methods for production of hardware. 3D printing is still in its infancy stage and the scope for improvement is immense as it surely is going to be the future in big industrial setups.

Worlds fastest 3D printer byThomas Suarez

Thomas with Makerbot CEO, Bre Pettis

Thomas became interested in the huge possibilities of 3D printing industry when he first attended the Makerbot botfarm. And now, he has filed a patent for 3D printing that is more fast and reliable than current breed of 3D printers.

Although there is no video transcript of the 3D printer itself as it is just a patent for now, but don’t be surprised to see the prototype version to be out in the coming months. apparently Thomas has his own company Carrot Corp. and has been a speaker at TEDxManhattanBeach. Well done, Thomas, you are definitely going to be a future billionaire who has his eyes set on something big.

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