Desktop Fireworks is fun way to minimize overwork stress

Desktop Fireworks by Tomomi Sayuda

The world appears to be heading towards an epidemic of overwork. In Japan where over 200 people die of overwork every year, there is now a term for people who work themselves to death – such people are termed karoshi. There have been many accessories developed especially to help people relieve themselves off the workload, but none to any serious avail, now an accessory that can actually make a difference is the Desktop Fireworks. Desktop Fireworks is basically a collection of mood enhancing lights and noisemakers concealed under the ordinary stationery on the desk, which are activated on pressing an emergency-style button on the desk.


Developed by UK-based Japanese designer Tomomi Sayuda, the Desktop Fireworks, on press of the emergency button, releases an orchestra of light along with bubbles, confetti and soothing music to relieve the user from stress at the workplace. Sayuda warns, ‘the button should only be pressed at times of extreme stress’. This can probably be a fun way to release all the stress acquired from work overload all day, but on a more serious note Desktop Fireworks is dedicated to the Sayuda ‘s father Kenichi Sayuda, who committed suicide at age 37, due to stress at work.

Desktop Fireworks by Tomomi Sayuda

Desktop Fireworks by Tomomi Sayuda

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