Funnell Backpack ejects waterproof jacket to protect you from sudden downpour

Funnell Backpack

Unexpected rain while riding a bike or cycle can spoil anyone’s day, especially when you’re going to work or some other important place. But not anymore, as Hong Kong-based manufacturer Make It Happen has designed a special Funnell Backpack that ejects waterproof jacket with hood in case of sudden downpour. Thus, protecting the wearer as well as the backpack from the gushing rain. Isn’t it a brilliant solution to protect yourself from rain in style?

Funnell Backpack

This amazing two-in-one creation avoids the hassle of stopping and taking off your backpack for pulling out the waterproof jacket. The user simply needs to pull two cable strings that pops out a jacket from the backpack. The waterproof jacket is large enough to completely cover you and your backpack as it is made from high quality water-resistant material for protecting your belongings from getting wet in water.

Funnell Backpack

After arriving at your destination, you can keep the wet jacket in a separate pocket which is especially designed with small drainage holes to drip away water from jacket after use. The Funnell Backpack is available in two versions- ‘Sporty’ that goes with casual wear and ‘City’  which suits your corporate look. So, pick any one or both that suits your style and never ever worry about getting wet in the monsoons.

Funnell Backpack

Currently, this backpack-cum-jacket is seeking funds to raise amount of $43,000 on Kickstarter. You can reserve one at an early bird discount of $108 on the campaigning website but have to wait till it achieves its initial goal. Till then, just look out for local weather forecast before stepping out of your home because monsoons are already approaching.

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