SERVe by SolarMobil: Solar-powered car designed by Indian students for the Sasol Solar Challenge

Solar Mobil SERVe Solar Electric Vehicle Manipal University

SERVe solar-powered car designed by Manipal University students

At the 2014 South African Solar Challenge for solar cars called Sasol Solar Challenge (SASOL14), there will be a rush of entrants from various countries ready to show off their robust solar vehicles. One entrant that looks good to win the challenge is the SERVe (Solar Electric Road Vehicle) by SolarMobil which is developed by a team of 27 engineers from Manipal University in India. This two-seater solar-powered electric vehicle has been in the making since the past three years now, and is all set to take the world by surprise.

The SERVe car has been developed with the vision to make it commercial one day, and is very much evident from the fact that it can speed up to 60Km/h on solar power alone. Not only that, the vehicle can reach top speed of 120Km/h running on electric power when needed.

The solar-powered vehicle is in the final stages of its design, as the innovative young engineers are finalizing the outer body shell for SERVe to give it a very aerodynamic look. According to the makers, it cost them around $50,000 to make SERVe solar-powered vehicle, which is 30 times cheaper than the average cost of other participating vehicles.

To support this initiative big names like Tata Power Solar, Element14, Agni Motors, KEI, Kelly Controls, Altair Hyperworks and many more are supporting SolarMobil in their quest to be number one at the endurance competition which requires the participants to cover a distance of 4,000Kms in the South African outback. It takes around 8-10 days to cover this distance, and SERVe is capable to handle this challenge with a high-grade battery that can run to a distance of 300-350Kms on single charge.

Solar Mobil SERVe Solar Electric Vehicle Manipal University

Solar Mobil SERVe Solar Electric Vehicle Manipal University

Mock-up design of SERVe by SolarMobil

Solar Mobil SERVe Solar Electric Vehicle Manipal University

Credit: NDTV



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