Acton R Rocketskates is coolest ride you can strap to your feet

Acton R Rocketskates

Thought spnKiX motorized skates you saw and backed on Kickstarter back in 2012 were the best you would get for your feet, think again? Peter Treadway and Action the team behind spnKiX has returned to Kickstarter with Acton R Rocketskates – an improved take on shoe skates which can be strapped onto regular footwear. Acton R Rocketskates aren’t rocket-powered skates as the name would suggest, but are basically mini-Segway for your feet fitted with wheels and electric motors.

Acton R Rocketskates

Each Acton R Rocketskates features two hub motors which are controlled by a built-in microprocessor and are powered by lithium-ion battery pack on board. Designed intelligently, the stakes are made to interact with each other so that they maintain same speed and behavior for riders ease of use. R Rocketskates connect with to the user’s smartphone using an Action App, which allows user to monitor skates performance, battery status and social interactivity.

Acton R Rocketskates

Riding on Acton R Rocketskates is completely hands-free. To move forward, you just need to tilt the front foot a bit forward and to slow down, just pull the foot back. These skates are designed in such a way that you can even walk in them. To be made available in three models (RS-6, RS-8 and RS-10) each different in the fun time it offers. $399 RS-6 gives 45 minutes of ride, while $499 RS-8 and $599 RS-10 offer 60 minutes and 90 minutes of ride respectively. Currently up on Kickstrater for funding, the R Rocketskates will be made available to backer beginning this September. Hit the jump to see Rocketskates in action.

Acton R Rocketskates

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