Turn plastic bottles into strong ropes in a jiffy [W/video]

Plastic bottle rope

In a world dominated by packed food and drinks, plastic bottles contribute as a major source of non-recyclable litter that is destroying our planet by the minute. One intuitive DIYer from Russia has something on his mind to curb that, and put the discarded plastic bottles to good use. He has made a small little device that turns plastic bottle trash into strong ropes that can be put to any number of uses. It can be used as a fishing line, rope to hang clothes on, as a bicycle handlebar wrap, cable clamps and much more.

This idea of turning plastic bottles into thin strong ropes is very practical and feasible as it requires little time and can be done in a jiffy. When the plastic string goes through the metal contraption, it then gets heated and set into place for maximum strength possible. As you can see in the video below, this Russian DIYer makes quick job of turning plastic bottles into thin ropes for n number of uses.

Credit: Youtube



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