DIY Iron throne for your smartphone

Iron Throne dock for smartphone

Game of Thrones has gripped audience worldwide and the Iron Throne has captured everyone’s imagination in this epic saga. As the Lannister’s and Targaryen’s fight it out in the quest for supremacy, one Game of Thrones fan has decided to make the throne her own. DIY expert [Merichuel] has made a mini iron throne for her smartphone from regular stuff like sponge, leather straps, spray paint and some sword-like sandwich picks.

The case looks good for any sized smartphones and is very easy to make as you can see from the pictures. You can also venture out on making one for yourself from the visual clues and also add your own creativity to better this one. 

Iron Throne dock for smartphone

Start with foam cut into the shape of chair

Iron Throne dock for smartphone

Then overlay the cut leather pieces on the chair

Iron Throne dock for smartphone

Attach the pins

Iron Throne dock for smartphone

Iron Throne dock for smartphone

Color the whole dock in black or silver with spray paint

Via: Mashable



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