Jaguar XE baby saloon slated for September 2014 release

Jaguar XE 2014

Jaguar XE teaser view

Jaguar’s take on the BMW 3-series and Mercedes C-Class saloon is going to be quite impressive, and it is surely confirmed for 8 September premier in UK. Jaguar XE is a baby saloon car that is based on a robust yet light-weight aluminum architecture, giving it the agility and premium handling power while preserving the refined luxurious drive. The car will be based on 0.5-liter aluminum block Ingenium engine weighing 176lb and the USP of this engine is its ability to be reconfigurable in case new technology components need to fitted inside it.

The Ingenium engine can also be fitted inside Land Rover SUVs and can be customized for manual, automatic gearbox or electric hybrid systems. This new engine allows for variable valve timing, computer-aided oil pumps and start-stop technology for improved fuel economy. Other noticeable features include the visually appealing headlights and a very attractive front grill.

This compact looking saloon is based on a front suspension design, taking design clues from Jaguar F-Type that has a double wishbone setup. Jaguar XE will have the latest generation Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS) and All Surface Progress Control (ASPC) that lets the car push the envelope of speed even in slippery conditions.

Jaguar XE 2014

Jaguar XE technology

Jaguar XE 2014

Aluminum block Ingenium engine

Jaguar XE 2014

Front suspension design based on Jaguar F-Type chassis

Jaguar XE 2014

Light-weight aluminum architecture

Jaguar XE 2014

Source: Jaguar



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