InkCase Plus for Android smartphone saves loads of battery power

InkCase Plus e ink diplay for Android smartphones

Mobile devices like smartphones are a battery drainer and there is no denying this fact. The high quality LCD/OLED displays suck the life out of your battery and account for almost 50% of usage out of all the total power consumed. InkCase Plus by Oaxis is a second companion screen for your Android phone that saves three folds on your smartphone’s battery, and how it does it is quite simple. It has an E-ink display in the back side which display’s text information like SMS messages, whatsapp notifications or social networking updates. Not only that, the surrogate display can display images and everything else, but in monochrome display.

Since the display is a very power conserving, it allows you to read for a continuous 19 hours after full battery charge. Now that is a lot of battery saving for such power hungry devices. The accessory will also come with support for SDK so that app developers can take maximum advantage to incorporate more and more elements. For example incorporating app that would allow you to see Google Maps on InkCase Plus display and save on battery.

InkCase Plus e ink diplay for Android smartphones

InkCase Plus for Android phones is up on Kickstarter platform for funding and has surpassed the goal. So we can expect to see it soon on the shelves for purchase. If you pledge $79 on Kickstarter right now this power saving case could be yours. However the retail price later on is expected to be around $100.

Source: Kickstarter



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