goTenna lets you send text messages even without cell signal

goTenna- text without signal

Going on a hiking trip and fear that you will get lost and lose any chance of communication in the dense forest? Yes, it happens quite often as many adventure seekers get lost in the woods simply because they are unable to communicate with each other due to lack of cell phone signal and no internet. goTenna is an innovative device that can come to your rescue in such situation and help you to communicate with your friends and send text messages even without a Wi-Fi or cell signal.

Developed by Brooklyn-based startup goTenna, the intelligent gadget wirelessly pairs with your smartphone allowing you to send texts and share your location with anyone with the same device even if you don’t have the network. Therefore, one can stay connected to the world without any cell towers, Wi-Fi or satellites. The goTenna device pairs with your smartphone using low-energy Bluetooth signals. However, they both should not be more than 20 feet apart in order to communicate with each other. The smartphone sends the message to your goTenna, which using long-range radio waves will then shoot it out to the intended receiver with a goTenna.


The dust-tight and water-resistant device is packed with an Antenna, 2-watt radio, Micro-USB connector, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, BluetoothLE data interface, status indicator lights and enough memory that can store 1000’s of messages. goTenna comes with a maximum range of up to 50 miles, though it largely depends on your location and elevation. In a crowded place such a music concert it will only be a couple of miles while up in the mountains it can offer full 50-mile range.
One cool feature is that all the messages sent via goTenna are end-to-end encrypted, self-destructing and not stored on a central server. The goTenna with a retail price of $299.99 will start shipping in the fall of 2014. However, you can preorder right now and get one for a discounted price of $149.99.

goTenna- text without signal

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