Monsoon buster: Sardines boots fold into themselves for easy portability [W/video]

Sardines boots by Estel Alcaraz

Monsoons are here and I don’t like this part of the year much, owing to one simple reason that it creates so much mess. One thing that gets utterly messy in the rainy season is your pair of shoes or any other footwear that you are wearing. For this very reason in the wars of 17th century the wellington boots were invented. But they are very cumbersome to carry and are ages behind in terms of portability and looks. That is why Estel Alcaraz from Barcelona has come up with Sardines rain boots, a new avatar of wellington boots that weigh just 800 grams and can be folded to one fourth of their original size.

These boots are made from injection-moulded thermoplastic polyurethane that is a highly elastic and recycled plastic that can protect your lower half in the most relentless rain too. This means that you can start from your home in a pair of attractive footwear and if the rain hits the city, you can take out these shoes and save yourself from getting wet under the knee area. Although the boots don’t look anything fancy but still, nobody would be looking at your footwear in pouring rain at least.

The boots derive their name from the Catalan expression “estem com sardines” which means being stuffed in a tin like sardines. In fact the boots do stuff themselves up when not needed and become the size of a pocket sized towel.

Via: Dezeen



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