Czech adventurers on a 900km journey in a plastic bottles boat

Plastic bottles boat

In an attempt to bring much needed awareness to the increasing plastic pollution in Europe, two young adventurers have created a plastic bottles boat. Honza Kára, a 22-year-old student and Jakub Bures, a 21-year-old mechanic are in the middle of their unusual journey these days as they are peddling their way almost a thousand kilometers from their hometown Nymburk down the River Elbe to the great port of Hamburg on the North Sea. The 10-metre long boat is made out of 5000 plastic bottles was launched officially on July 12, 2014 at Elbe river in Nymburk.

Plastic bottles boat

The two enthusiastic boys are accompanied by a cameraman and two extra men who are sharing the pedaling burden on their way to the destination. Four plastic garden chairs have been attached to the wooden frame and the pedals taken out of a pair of old bikes are fixed to the makeshift propeller. The plastic bottles boat has cabin which is also made from plastic bottles. It provides sleeping space for the guys and also protects them from rain and cold.

As the DIY boat is shorter than twenty meters and has no engine, there is no need of any license and permit also. The whole trip is expected to take one to two months and besides having fun and adventure, the guys and their plastic bottles boat is surely expected to draw people’s  attention to the plastic pollution.

Via: Reuters



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