BAE unveils Striker II smart helmet with built-in night vision camera, HD display

Striker II night vision camera helmet-1

Fighter pilots over the years have seen a host of changes in their helmets. But one thing that has been a problem of this technological shift is that the night vision goggles fitted to the helmets only add to the weight on a pilot’s head. To address the issue, BAE Systems has built the Striker II – a new smart helmet integrated with night vision camera, which allows fighter pilots to see in the dark, sans extra burden on the head. Unveiled at the Farnborough Airshow, the Striker II helmet comes with a visor, which doubles as a high-definition display, permitting pilots to see all useful data (about co-ordinates and targets on the ground) in their field of vision.

Interestingly, the helmet also boasts of a head tracking sensor technology that minimizes lag and latency in information display even when pilot moves his or her head around. BAE Systems’ Striker II smart helmet is really exciting because it features a night vision camera built right into the helmet. For fighter pilots night vision cameras are really vital because when they are flying in close formations or assisting troops on the ground (in the dark) they should be able to clearly before launching an attack. In addition to all the technology integrated into the Striker II, it is still very safe helmet.

Striker II night vision camera helmet

Striker II night vision camera helmet-2

Via: BAESystems



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