Digital Tattoo unlocks your smartphone with just a swipe

Digital Tattoo for Moto X

What if you can unlock your smartphone just by tapping on your wrist’s tattoo? You would certainly consider it as a joke but if you own a Motorola X, you can surely do that. VivaLnk, Inc., a Silicon Valley technology company has teamed up with Motorola to develop a temporary tattoo that can unlock your smartphone without the requirement of any pins and passwords. Named Digital Tattoo, the nickel sized, paper thin adhesive is the world’s first commercial eSkin electronics product.

Worn on the wrist by the smartphone user, Digital Tattoo communicates with the user’s smartphone wirelessly and provides electronic authentication to unlock the phone. You just have to tap your phone onto the tattoo for fast, easy and secure logging into your device. Each temporary Digital Tattoo last for 5 days and can be replaced by another one.For activating the Digital Tattoo, you have to tap the back of your Moto-X to your Tattoo and follow the onscreen instructions. You have to re-enter your existing PIN and set a master PIN for the initially activation. Once paired with your smartphone, for other activations you just need to swipe your phone over the tattoo.

The company has begun selling Digital Tattoo through its website. For a pack of 10 Digital tattoos, you have to shell about $9.99 from your pocket. However, for now the Digital Tattoo works on Motorola’s Moto X smartphone only but the company is looking to expand to other phones, devices and various versions of Android too.

Digital Tattoo for Moto X

Via: Techcrunch



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