Thought Google Glass was amazing, check out the Hattrickwear

Omar Isaac Hattrickwear augmented reality hat

Why do you think smartphones are getting lighter by the day? Probably so that one day you could slot one into the long brim of a hat to create your own heads-up display without adding weight on your head. Such is an idea conceived by Omar Isaac. He has introduced the Hattrickwear, an augmented reality hat, which has an extension to slot a mobile device. This allows the user to interact with the device’s screen and camera using pair of prism that reflect the screen into view.

Omar Isaac Hattrickwear augmented reality hat-1

An affordable version of Google Glass, the Hattrickwear let user interact with their plugged in phones using voice commands, hand gestures or by swiping the screen. The hat also comes with a simple remote control for ease of use. Interestingly, despite the weight of the plugged-in device, the unique hat has been so designed that it evenly distributes weight around the head, and user can wear it comfortably.

Omar Isaac Hattrickwear augmented reality hat-2

Hattrickwear, with prisms that rotate 180 degrees and reflect the smartphone’s screen without obstructing the field of view, is set to launch on Kickstarter soon.

Omar Isaac Hattrickwear augmented reality hat-3

Omar Isaac Hattrickwear augmented reality hat-4

Via: DesignBoom



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