Take EcoStone Bluetooth speaker into your swimming pool without any worries

Waterproof EcoStone Bluetooth speaker

Waterproof bluetooth speaker that floats too!

Music is bliss for people like me and wherever I go my music goes with me. Whether I’m driving, working in the office or at home having some peace of mind. But what about times when one has to go swimming or take a relaxing bathtub session? Surely the music should go there too. Grace Digital wants you to take the music to the swimming pool and in fact float with you as have a relaxing time in the water. EcoStone Bluetooth speaker by Grace Digital’s outdoor accessories division Ecoxgear is completely waterproof and floats in water too!

Waterproof EcoStone Bluetooth speaker

EcoStone speaker tested to perform in the most extreme temperature conditions

The 24W speaker has rear mounted subwoofer for quality sound output when outdoors in noisy environment. The speaker is charged via USB charging option in 2.5 hours and gives around 12 hours of playback time in one go. Designed keeping in mind that it is going to be a part of your outdoor adventure expeditions, the EcoStone speaker comes with a flashlight. It has been tested to perform in extreme climatic conditions too as it has undergone extensive testing.

Waterproof EcoStone Bluetooth speaker

Quality audio in any kind of outdoor environment

Ecostone Bluetooth speaker has a light-weight frame and weighs just 2.7 lbs so that you can carry it easily in your backpack without adding too much weight. It also has a top mounted 4 step battery indicator and USB smartphone charger.

Grace Digital has started the sale of this speaker for US$149 in black, blue and orange colors. You can also buy Ecostone from Amazon for discounted price of US$135.

Waterproof EcoStone Bluetooth speaker

Available in black, blue and orange colors



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