Sony ZX1: Walkman makes a comeback

Sony Walkman ZX1

The original Walkman which was introduced by Sony back in 1979 is getting a new life after 35 years with the launch of Walkman ZX1. However, if you are wondering I’d like to tell you that it won’t be playing any cassettes like the original one. Unlike the Apple’s iPod which is light weight and sports a slim design, the new Sony NWZ-ZX1 comes with voluminous dimensions and pretty heavy weight. Besides that, it comes with a whopping price tag of $700 which three times more expensive than the Apple’s iPod.

Weighing 139 grams, the Sony ZX1 is having the same screen dimension as the iPod touch but is more than twice as thick around the middle as the Apple’s iPod. However, the expensive price is justified by 128GB of internal storage and the unmatched music quality of the Walkman. Boasting a 4-inch touchscreen display with an 854×480 resolution, the ZX1 can play 24-bit, 192 kHz Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) audio files and ultra-high resolution audio format also. Other features include a 5-band equalizer, dynamic normalizer and Clear Bass and Clear Stereo technology.

The device is carved from a block of expensive aluminum for reducing noise. According to Sony, the device takes 3 hours to charge and can last up to 32 hours on one charge. The Sony Walkman ZX1 comes with quality headphones so that you can enjoy your music anytime, anywhere.

Sony Walkman ZX1

Via: WSJ



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