Nabu smartband comes integrated with WeChat

Nabu smartband

Nabu : World’s first wearable smartband

San Diego- based computer Hardware Company Razer Inc. has announced the world’s first social smartband that comes fully integrated with WeChat, China’s largest online messenger service. Christened Nabu smartband, the wearable gadget will give access of the WeChat service to more than 300 million users, 70 million of which are outside of China. Designed to give a new meaning to your daily activity, the Nabu band on your wrist opens a whole new way to engross with the world around you.

Featuring a 128×32 OLED Private Message Screen and a Splash proof design, the Razer’s Nabu wristband lets you know about an incoming notification by vibrating. And by simply turning your wrist, you can activate private Message Screen to show you details. However, if you are busy, you can dismiss any active notification just by shaking your Nabu-worn wrist. Enabling your favorite apps, Nabu offers a genuine summary of your daily activities by using algorithms to calculate your gathered data. Therefore, it becomes easier to realize your activity trends as also to set and achieve personal goals with all the data portrayed on your smartphone.

Nabu smartband

world’s first wearable wristband with integrated WeChat

With Razer’s band-to-band communication technology Pulse, Nabu can detect other nearby Nabu wearers in your social circles. You can add contacts to your phone and can exchange social media profiles with just a high-five or shaking hands. The Nabu social wristband is compatible with both iOS and Android 4.3+ devices and has a battery life of 5 – 7 days. The price is not announced yet by the company.

Nabu smartband

Nabu smartband can connect to your smartphone

Nabu smartband

Nabu smartband comes in variety of colors



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