Smart Keychain can store files, locate keys and retrieve emails

Smart Keychain

When everything is getting hi-tech why not your key chain? Probably, this thought might have provided the inspiration to Pensacola-based Creative Designs, Inc. for the development of Smart Keychain. This multifunction Bluetooth accessory for your smartphone is packed with numerous features so that you can live a smarter life. The Smart Keychain is packed with four basic features which are Key Location, USB storage capacity, email alerts notifications and upcoming calendar reminders.

The Smart Keychain can be used as a USB flash drive for storing music, photos, videos and files. You can choose from 8GB, 16GB or 32GB options. It also acts as an appointment or event reminder and notifies you about any of those events in your calendar that are scheduled to take place within next 24 hours. The Smart Keychain app connects to your email account every 15 minutes and let you designate emails from up to five individuals and organizations as important that can be immediately displayed. That’s not all, the Smart Keychain connects to your smartphone to help you locate your keys. Just press a button on your phone and the key chain will start beeping.

The Smart Keychain is currently raising funds on Indiegogo and only 1% of the funding goal has been reached till now. If you want to see it become a reality, pre-order now for a starting price of $59.

Smart Keychain



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