Theradome helmet stimulates hair growth by shooting lasers at wearer’s scalp

Theradome headgear

Theradome, a Pleasanton, California-based firm has developed a light weight plastic helmet that shoots lasers at the wearers scalp, thereby limiting hair loss and stimulate hair growth. The Theradome headgear is creation of Tamim Hamid, a former NASA research engineer who started it back in 2008. The lasers increase blood flow to the scalp by simulating mitochondria in the follicle cells, thus producing more protein which encourages hair growth.

Theradome headgear

The helmet is equipped with 80 lasers which transmits light to 90 square inches of the 111 square inch of the average scalp area. The lasers generate less than 1C of heat by using micro-processor controlled algorithms which ensures that no overheating occurs. For best results, the user has to wear Theradome helmet for 20-minute sessions, twice a week. Within first 18 to 24 weeks of use, the helmet will reverse the shrinking of hair follicles to prevent further hair loss. As per the claims of the company, after regular use for up to 50 weeks, the user will be having a healthier scalp along with thicker and longer hair. So, if think this might be the solution for your hair problems, you can order the Theradome headgear now for a price of $795.

Theradome headgear

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  1. Baldero McShiny says:

    Thicker hairs, and longer hairs but what about more hairs? 🙁 Could use more hair for sure! hmmmmm… By stimulates hair growth, they don’t mean new hair growth I guess, just the hair you already have will grow thicker and what.. less brittle maybe so it grows longer??. They do claim it will help you keep the hair you’ve got. Whatever happened to hair cloning o.O Did Rogaine buy out the patent and kill it? Inquiring Baldies want to know?!

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