Augmented reality brings more fun to rock climbing

Augmented reality wall climbing

Two researchers of Aalto University in Finland have added much more fun to the rock climbing wall by combining it with the augmented reality. Perttu Hämäläinen and his colleague Raine Kajastila have developed a system which uses a projector, a depth-sensing camera and a computer software to track the movement of rock climbers on a training wall. Besides tracking, the system offers new challenges, provide feedback and real-time suggestions also to the climber.

The Kinect projector display routes and highlights the handholds which the climber should reach for and also the most efficient path between them. It allows the climber waiting for his turn to modify the projected line for the person currently on the wall. An adjacent wall automatically plays back a replay of one’s climb, once it detects that he have fallen off the wall.

Not only that, the team also has added a cool video game feature: a massive chainsaw is projected onto the wall which forces the climber to find another route to climb the wall before it reaches him. The team is currently working on a running prototype and hope to integrate it into a real gym before fall.

Via: Techcrunch



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