Cyberith Virtualizer – Virtual Reality locomotion device for FPS games

Cyberith Virtualizer augmented reality for FPS gaming

Augmented reality in gaming is constantly getting closer to the real experience of being present in the situation. For example while playing first person shooting games like Battlefield or a horror game. Virtual reality in gaming and other applications has got a new pinnacle to break as an optimal Virtual Reality locomotion device has finally broken the shackles of being in prototype stage. Cyberith Virtualizer developed by Tuncay Cakmak is up on Kickstarter platform, and if gets funded then you’ll have it in your closet come early 2015.

The locomotive device is tailor-made for use with FPS games and when used in conjunction with Oculus Rift, it is incomparable to any other augmented reality device available. The idea of this device is pretty simple, you get inside the harness that supports you while walking on the flat, non-friction surface. Thereafter you put on the Oculus Rift headgear and a pair of headphones to start the immersive gaming frenzy. You can run, walk, jump or crouch during play and the sensors register that movement exactly as it is in the gameplay that unfolds in front of your eyes.

What this means is that if you are playing counter Strike (for example), then as you walk on this surface, the in-game action is going to be exactly the same. When you need to shoot enemies then you need to push the trigger on a sensor-enabled gun like gadget in your hands. The height adjustable harness keeps you from falling and also enables you to move freely in any direction during gaming.

Cyberith Virtualizer augmented reality for FPS gaming

The Virtualizer base is also fitted with transducers for haptic feedback while walking which is going to increase the gaming experience a notch higher. Even if the game doesn’t have native support for haptic feedback, then also looks for audio signals to produce the effect.

Cyberith Virtualizer augmented reality for FPS gaming

Overall, the Cyberith Virtualizer is one of the most advanced virtual reality gaming gear that we have seen so far, as it immerses the user in gaming environment, just as if he/she would be in real. Right now it is looking to get past the funding goal on Kickstarter and you can pledge a minimum amount of $699 to get it probably by the early quarter of 2015.

Cyberith Virtualizer augmented reality for FPS gaming

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