13 year old creates DIY Google glasses for himself

DIY google glass

Google glasses have generated a lot of interest in people all around the world. However, not everyone can afford these $1500 glasses and most of us have to settle just by dreaming about them. But not Clay Haight, a 13 year old boy who has created his own version of the Google glasses. At the age of 8, his fascination towards constructing electronic objects and DIY projects started after he was presented a book by his grandfather which explained about everyday appliances.

When he was 10, he bought his first Arduino, a Uno. He has also purchased Printrbot Simple by saving money and has used it to print objects nearly every day. His DIY “Google Glass” works by using sensors on the Arduino Esplora with the Arduino LCD screen and a 3D printed frame. By using voice commands, Clay can bring up a calendar with his schedule, local maps and temperature and weather information. Clay uses a headband on the back of these homemade Google glasses to prevent it from tilting to one side.

DIY google glass

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