Fujitsu is developing wearable devices for site workers

Fujitsu wearable device

The emphasis on the development of wearable devices is more than ever before as tech companies and firms are looking to attract the potential customers with their cutting edge technology. Wearable technology has become main stream today with wearable gadgets dominating the market from the field of social interaction to health & fitness. So, why not in factory work? That’s what the Japanese companies are thinking, as they are developing wearable devices to help factory workers do their jobs more efficiently.

Fujitsu, Japanese multinational information technology has designed a wearable device for their machine maintenance workers that they can wear like eyeglasses. The device is embedded with a camera that reads and issues instructions on a display inside the device as a worker looks at an authentication code. With this technology, the company wants to replace the time wasting paper manuals. Fujitsu is planning to put this device into exercise soon.
NS Solutions, an Information services firm have released a software for such type of wearable devices. Thus, with this software a project manager will be able to give detailed instructions to workers in real time. He also can transmit letters and images to workers and himself can receive live pictures and updates of the site.

Via: HouseofJapan



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