FOVE head mounted eye tracking device funded by Microsoft

FOVE head mounted wearable gadget

Head mounted eye-tracking wearables are gaining momentum for a variety of applications and that is catching the attention of big technology houses. FOVE head-mounted visor that tracks the movement of your eye is being developed by a Japanese start-up firm and interestingly caught Microsoft’s eye. This device is being developed to allow disabled users in performing computer related tasks just by moving their eyes and performing particular gestures. Along with that, since it has been accepted into Microsoft Ventures London accelerator program for supporting enterpreneuring start-ups the device will have use in gaming too, as Microsoft has expressed interest in using FOVE with their Xbox gaming console.

For example in a FPS game, the player will be able to shoot the enemies just by looking at them. Another example would be the usual routine of internet surfing where you have to make a lot of clicks and scan through the webpages or open and close them. The head gear looks for the eye gaze and then the complex hardware decides which action to perform.

FOVE headgear is expected to hit the markets in the early half of 2015 and is rumored to be better than Oculus Rift.

FOVE head mounted wearable gadget

FOVE head mounted wearable gadget

FOVE head mounted wearable gadget

Via: TechCrunch



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