ORB is a meditation gizmo that puts you in state of trance

Orb by Bold design meditation gadget

ORB meditation gadget by Bold-Design

Anything that puts you into a meditative, trance like state is of the highest priority in this pressure filled competitive world. You release all your tense muscles in the body and mind to start afresh for the next big challenge. That is how life goes on, as one strives for improving on their skill resource. To do this you either set up a peaceful and ambient environment or listen to some meditative music in your alone time. Bringing the very essence of meditation and peace of mind into a modern day gadget, ORB sphere designed by Bold-Design is your tool for the ultimate nirvana.

Orb by Bold design meditation gadget

Simply hold ORB and get lost in a dreamy world

This streamlined gizmo was imagined by Tod Machover and David Edwards back in 2013, and now courtesy the efforts of Tod Machover and his students at the MIT Lab in association with Bold-Design in Paris, the ORB finally came to life.

To explore the goodness of ORB, you have to hold it in your hand and for the next six odd minutes you immerse yourself in reverberating sound reminiscent of the sounds in a chapel. As you go on listening to the magical music the gadget also vibrates thereby enhancing the experience.

Orb by Bold design meditation gadget

Designed to reverberate in your hands

Interestingly you can also put it on your arm, neck or wherever you feel there is negative energy accumulated, hindering your mental wellness. ORB is made from porcelain for maximum tactile feedback and vibration that touches your senses. So, the next time you think of meditating in a peaceful Zen garden like mystical environment, think of the ORB.

Bold-Design has not yet revealed the availability or price of this meditation gadget, but be rest-assured it will be out soon for purchase. Till then, go on listen to some scintillating meditation music like Buddha Bar.

Orb by Bold design meditation gadget

ORB infuses new positive energy into your life



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