Clever Medkit: A smart and hi-tech first aid kit

Clever Medkit

It’s time to say goodbye to the old, boring and not so useful first aid kits. A Christchurch based company has developed a revolutionary hi-tech medical kit that is way ahead in every aspect than the conventional kits. Christened Clever Medkit, the intelligent workplace first aid kit is the creativity of local entrepreneurs Peter Montgomery and Peter Gillman. Shortlisted for the New Zealand Hi- Tech Awards, these easily recognizable wall-mounted kits features real time inventory tracking and provides the best possible assistance to the staff.

Clever Medkit provides its users with access to the required medicines for a specific type of injury with just a push of a button. The applicable compartment lights up making it easy and less time consuming to search for the necessary equipment. The medical kit comes installed with a camera which snaps a photo whenever the device is used, thus keeping you updated. A stamped incident report is created every time the Clever Medkit is used, helping one to streamline his reporting.

Clever Medkit

One smart feature of the medical kit is its external red or green status indicator which tells you about the stock availability in your kit. Also the Medkit is having its own software application to keep you informed anywhere, anytime.

Clever Medkit



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