Silent Power PC uses copper foam instead of fans for better cooling

Silent Power PC

German start-up Silent Power has created a compact desktop PC that uses an innovative cooling solution instead of conventional noisy electric fans. Packed with all the hardware components of the desktop computer in an unmatched compact size, the Silent Power PC uses a copper foam that with its enormously high surface area and high thermal conductivity provides outstanding cooling performance. The foam dissipates heat so efficiently that there is no requirement of cooling fans as he exterior temperature never rises above 50° C during a normal use.

Silent Power PC

The Silent Power PC is powered by an Intel quad-core i7-4785T 2.2 GHz processor, 8 or 16 GB of RAM comes with a NVIDIA GTX 760 graphics card. It runs on standard Windows 8.1 and features usual array of USB, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, HDMI, DVI, and audio ports like any other normal computer. Well, the high-performance passive cooling system is perhaps like no other. A copper body is in direct contact with the GPU and CPU with a thermal paste that instantaneously absorbs heat and releases it evenly to the copper foam. The heat buffer is designed to distribute the heat evenly to the copper broth such that if the CPU is active the heat can be guided to the GPU area. And if both the CPU and the GPU gets heated at the same time, the heat can be pushed towards the copper sponge only.

The Silent Power PC is in developing stage at the moment and is currently gathering money through a crowdfunding campaign. Available for pre-orders, the PC comes in three variants: a 8 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD base model for US$930, a 26 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD model for US$1,030 and a 16 GB RAM, 1,000 GB SSD for a price tag of US$1,550.

Silent Power PC

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