Dad builds spacecraft simulator for son, complete with control switches

Kids Room Spacecraft

Kind of things DIY-er dads build for their kids is simply worth appreciation. Just like in the past we have seen some cool DIYs that are right up there with the best, here is another one, done with love by a father for his son. Jeff Highsmith has been working on a spaceship-like Mission Control Desk for his elder son . Highsmith has created a spaceship simulator habitat for his younger son that is complete with real switches and input buttons that can be seen in a NASA space shuttle. To complete the spaceship effect, Highsmith has added sound effects and bass shaker that emulate feeling of a take-off. The only thing missing is the feel of zero gravity, which would be asking for too much, quite frankly!

To make all hardware functions of the simulator in accordance with the input given by his younger son, Jeff took help of Arduino boards and Raspberry Pi. For making the experience a tad cooler, when his son lies in the spaceship like environment, he has added iPhone mount that lets his son enjoy real NASA footage.

Some panels have been pre-programmed to emit certain kind of sounds that are adapted from the real space shuttle functionality. There is space for adding more hardware, as Jeff plans to incorporate more changes in the DIY along the way.



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