Electric Arduino Go-kart made by a 15-year old kid

Arduino powered Go-kart

A 15 year old child prodigy from California has been working on an Arduino powered Go-kart and finally it is complete. Going by the name [Gizmotronics], the kid has posted all the details of this project on Instructables which took him just USD $500 to make, and he calls it the Electric Arduino Go-kart. The four wheeled electric go-kart needs a push start to get going and after that it is all about showing the driving skills on a track. The 5000mAh battery in this homemade go-kart propels the whole thing forward and to keep the electric motor cool there are large fans.

All the basic telemetry of the go-kart is displayed on the small touchscreen LED having 320×240
resolution and is also controlled by the Arduino. It displays status of the lights, throttle value and the voltage of the battery. All the electronics of the go-kart are located in the left and right boxes. The controller is designed with regenerative braking and the DC motors are powerful enough to take the load of high speed driving at 30 mph.

Arduino powered Go-kart

Arduino powered Go-kart

Source: Instructables Credit: TinyPic



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