Let your eyes be your camera with the iPal smart glasses

iPal smart glasses

When we talk of smart glasses, Google Glass is what strikes the mind first. But Google Glass features head tracking camera, so it doesn’t have any idea of what your eyes are focusing at; in order to let your eyes be your camera, revolutionary new smart glasses, iPal is making rounds on Indiegogo. iPal basically follows your eyes automatically, it sees what you see, and lets you capture videos and pictures in HD with your eyes alone and share the same on various social networks like Instagram or Facebook with a wink or a blink.

First of its kind smart glass with eye tracking and eye gesture controls, the iPal takes note of your eyes tracking objects around, and captures exactly what you want to. With the iPal, you can record up to two hours of video and take unlimited pictures on single charge. The smart glasses also comes with an addition battery pack that provides addition battery life. Using the iPal, you can take pictures in burst mode or single image mode. You can also click images on specific intervals, using your eyes alone.

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iPal is a really smart eyewear, it can learn user defined eye gestures over time, and can be used for gaming or as a remote control in addition to being used as an eye tracking camera. Interestingly, iPal can automatically zoom in and out on the area your eyes are paying attention to. The pair of smart glasses features Bluetooth and Wi-Fi for connectivity and using an app, can be paired with Android and Windows smartphones.

Presently, iPal is a working lab prototype, it can take pictures and record videos by zooming in and out. And, can even turn on and off with eye gestures. The iPal smart glasses has successfully attained its funding goal of $50,000 on Indiegogo.

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