Sunswift eVe can become world’s first street-legal solar-powered car

Sunswift eVe solar-powered car

The Sunswift eVe that made its debut at the biannual World Solar Challenge last year is all set to become the world’s first street-legal solar-powered car. Built by students of Australia’s University of New South Wales, the solar powered car will reign as the fastest electric car to cover 500 kilometers (310 miles) once it gets certified. The Sunswift team also had built a model earlier that holds the title of fastest solar-powered vehicle with an average speed of 55 mph.

Sunswift eVe solar-powered car

The eVe comes with a standard seating for two and features a NASCAR-inspired carbon fiber exterior body. Weighing only 661 pounds, the solar vehicle comes with front and side windows. It is equipped with a 132-pound Lithium-ion battery which powers a pair of DC motors installed within the hubs of the rear wheels. Cruising at a speed of 66 mph, the Sunswift eVe consumes 20 kilowatt-hours of the electricity which is less than a third as compared to Tesla Model S.

The car broke the record at a racetrack in the southern Australian city of Victoria where it was able to maintain an average speed of 66 mph, thus toppling the previous record of 45 mph comfortably. The team is looking for making some modifications to meet the street-legal criteria by 2015. Some of them includes installation of headlights, increasing vehicle’s height and improving the interiors.

Sunswift eVe solar-powered car

Via: Washingtonpost



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