Meta M1 smartwatch comes in a steampunkish design

Meta M1 smartwatch

Smartwatches are a big deal these days but back in time when no one knew much of these wristwatch like gadgets, MetaWatch were ruling the roost. But, it is one thing pioneering a technology, and another taking it forward for commercially demanding market. Since then many smartwatches like Pebble have completely changed the complexion of smartwatch evolution. MetaWatch has surfaced again into the picture with the all new Meta M1 smartwatch that looks like a steampunkish version of a smartwatch. Designed by Frank Nuovo, who was a chief designer at Nokia and Vertu, has both Android and iOS app compatibility which allows the user to change watch faces, music player control and the notification method.

Meta M1 smartwatch

Meta Watch Meta M1 is not that tech savvy, since it has a monochrome LCD display with just 126×126 resolution and a RAM racking up to just 63 KB. The smartwatch is designed to cater to the basic needs of an average user who doesn’t crave for visual supremacy. The smartwatch doesn’t have voice command feature which won’t win it many buyer’s at the price tag of $250 for the basic model.

But Meta M1 is a winner when it comes to visual detail of the design since it is very finely put together, right from the bezel to the back panel. Other than that this watch doesn’t have much to talk about when it comes to the technical specifications.

Meta M1 smartwatch is up for pre-order in two variants, $249 one with stainless steel case and natural rubber strap. While the $449 model comes in case and band in black stainless steel design.

Meta M1 smartwatch

Via: Fastcompany



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