LEO: The most intelligent fitness wearable

LEO fitness wearable

There are lots of fitness wearable devices to attract the customers on the market. However, most of them does not provide detailed health data besides heart rate monitor and calorie updates. Therefore, for those who want an intelligent health solution in form of a wearable device, an Ontario based company has launched the LEO fitness device. Monitoring your bio-signals, LEO gives you a deeper level of insight than any other fitness wearable available.

LEO fitness wearable

The device converts complex information of your body into basic and actionable recommendations and notifies you if something is inappropriate. Using intelligent sensing, LEO leg-band understands about your body and provides unmatched insight into your physiology and performance. By tracking muscle activity, hydration levels, lactic acid, movements and heart rate, the smart wearable gadget recommends you ways to increase efficiency and improve technique & skills. LEO with its predictive algorithms identify the signs of future injuries and therefore, warn the user and also suggest ways to avoid them.
LEO fitness wearable

The LEO leg band is made from regular textile fabric which is both breathable and comfortable. Not only the band, but the sensors are also made of conductive fabric which means no metal wires are included. The water-resistant band comes with 2GB of on-board memory which allows you to store data, in case you have forgotten you phone back home. Using Bluetooth low energy, LEO syncs with your smartphone and the rechargeable Li-ion battery ensures longer life. The intuitive LEO app allow you to share, compare and compete with your friends. Along with that, it also provide you with actionable recommendations and specific data of your activity. LEO: Fitness Wearable Intelligence has successfully raised the funding goal of $50,000 on Indiegogo and will be available in May 2015.

LEO fitness wearable



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